Is your wallet setting a bad impression on your money?

Let me give you some Feng Shui tricks you can add to your abundance rituals, to welcome some of that money $$$ into your life.

Our wallet is a power asset to us because it holds our money. Your wallet also reflects how you treat your  finances, it reflects your abundance blocks and your positive or negative beliefs around money. If your wallet is overflowing with loose Receipts/Coupons and Frequently misplacing money – This represent lack of space available for positive abundance to flow, if you have receipts from months ago it’s hard for the positive flow of abundance to be welcomed in.

Here are some Tips:

  1. Keep your wallet in working order, if it starts to break or wallet colors start to crack and fade it’s time for a new one
  2. Declutter your wallet at least once a week ( throw away old receipts and have a designated envelope for receipts you need to keep)
  3. Use your Power Color to determine the best color wallet to attract abundance Link to calculate Power Color
  4. Have something in your wallet that represent abundance to you (it can be a coin) I have a $2 dollar bill in my wallet always, to reflect abundance.
  5. Toss any old credit cards, rewards cards or things you don’t use. If your paying off Credit Card debt I would recommend having these credit cards out of your wallet.

If your wallet had a voice, what would it say about your abundance habits?

Show some love by commenting below! Tell us, how you are creating abundance in your environment. Love to hear how these tools are helping you be more productive and inspired. We also offer First Time Session to support you on your journey of taking back your space, to creating the life not by default but by design. If you ever have any questions please feel free to Contact Us, I love to answer your questions.

Sending you lots of love & blessing your way

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Hi guys name is Justine Hernandez I am a Life Design Coach. I like to focus on your environment and how your subconscious blocks are also manifesting through your home or business. I use Feng Shui principles and transformational coaching tools, to help you identify your vision, goals and journey to creating more of a life that you love and expresses your Passions, Style, and Purpose.

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