Day 1 Mystical Journey Around Ireland

I seriously can’t believe today is my one year anniversary from being in Ireland. It’s such a magical place, full of adventure, and where you can let you inner child play and run free… Which I did a lot of.

When I first arrived, I landed in Dublin. I was already so excited to experience what Ireland had to offer, I was excited to see all my wonderful friends from San Diego which I miss soooooo freakin much and of course to see my dear friend Amanda Collins that was hosting this retreat in her home land called “Mystical Journey Around Ireland.” I totally recommend this retreat.

First stop was the Guinness Brewery, I am not a big fan of beer but OMG!!! Their beer was so yummy, and me and my gfs Natalie and Olivia had ourselves a good time exploring the place. The Guinness Brewery had this amazing 360 degrees bar at the very top, you could see all of Dublin and probably further out. They had couches and a great seating area right on the windows for you to admire the view and enjoy your amazing beer. It was seriously breathtaking. We also took a class on how to properly pour our beer, so now we were certified pourers, lol!

After we got our fun in for the day, It was time to go meet up with the rest of the group of ladies. Our hotel was so adorable, I still can’t get over how small the elevators are in Europe it’s quite funny to me trying to crush myself and my luggage into it to get to my room. The hotel was very boutique and elegant; one of my favorite parts is that they offered Elderberry tincture which was really yummy. My room was beautiful, it had a beautiful view of the street, but because Ireland is so green it made the view so beautiful with a nice breeze coming into our room at night. 

The food was delicious!! We were a group of 15 people and made our way to a restaurant called the Bloom. Of course they were expecting us so we had no problems.

Day 1 of Ireland was really relaxing but nothing compares to what the next few days that were to come, looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

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