Calculating Personal Trigram| Feng Shui Element

Are you having a hard time choosing colors for you Home, Business or even Clothes?

In Feng Shui this is called calculating your personal Trigram, in which we take the year you were born and calculate it to get your personal element number.

Your personal trigram determines what your element is, your power colors and the cardinal directions that support for bed placement, productivity for work and good digestions for eating. You can also use these tool  for speaking engagement, interview or need a extra boost of sunshine positivity in our life.

I like to use my power colors that are Reds, Oranges and Purples, during the colder seasons to support my mood and to feel fabulous. 


Lets get started!

How you Calculate your Personal Trigram

*Note: If you were born between Jan- Feb 5th you will go back a year..

Example: if you were born in 1987 you will now calculate in 1986

This calculation is based on the Chinese solar calendar

  1. Take the year you were born 1978
  2. Add 1976 to a single digit 1+9+7+8= 25  2+5=7
  3. Take the single digit in this case 7 and add or subtract based on your gender
  4. If you are a Male Subtract by 11 If you are a Female Add 4
  5. Female 7+4= 11 1+1=2
  6. Male 11-7= 4
  7. If results is a 5, the digit gets changed to 8 if you are a Female and 2 for Male

The final single digit which is your Feng Shui Element

  1. Female 2
  2. Male 4

Get your Personal Trigram Graphic  

Element 1

Element 2

Element 3

Element 4

Element 6

Element 7

Element 8

Element 9

What do you want to use your Personal Trigram for?

Comment below and tell us what your Feng Shui Element is, and any insight you want to share. 🙂

Want to learn more about Power Colors? Click on this link to watch.

Sending you lots of love & blessing your way

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Hi guys name is Justine Hernandez I am a Life Design Coach. I like to focus on your environment and how your subconscious blocks are also manifesting through your home or business. I use Feng Shui principles and transformational coaching tools, to help you identify your vision, goals and journey to creating more of a life that you love and expresses your Passions, Style, and Purpose.


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