My First Post

So this is my first blog ever!!

I’ve been avoiding it for years for the mere fact that English was my second language when it came to reading and writing, so for a long time I would get criticized about my writing and the way I say things. So today is the first day I take a stand and stand in my power and really take the time to express myself and my personality and what it is that I bring to the world. It’s been an interesting journey of facing my fears and obstacles and shining light on the areas of my life I rather not face. It’s amazing how the one thing we hide away from, the one thing we are fearful of is the thing we need to face and need to address.

How many times have we tried to avoid something in our lives and come to find out we were walking a full circle back to the original issue you didn’t want to face and you’re like, “damn… this shit again?!” I couldn’t tell you how many times that’s happen to me.

Even now, since I’ve been on this healing journey I’ve realize the areas in my life I find fearful to address are the things I work towards that I want to heal on or the things I am fearful of are the things I need to do.

Have you ever noticed when you’re fearful of posting something on Facebook or fearful about whatever your fear is, it’s usually a good indicator you are on the right path…

Your body has these responses where it’s like when I had to speak in front of people for the first time in business, I was so nervous I wanted to do everything perfect and right and the more I obsessed and thought about it over and over again the more anxiety I was creating and working myself up. I realized that your body has this response of fight or flight when you put your body in a state where it thinks its dying and needs to go into survival mode. But the reality is its just your body and mind trying to protect you but there is not threat the only threat is facing your fear which is very powerful. I am taking a stand and facing my fear today and welcoming you to my first blog

If you see grammatical errors or misspellings, I am fully embarrassed and know I am working on my spelling and grammar so forgive me in advance if you see a lot of typos

My philosophy is, if you know what I am saying the typos don’t mean shit!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned to my next post.

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