Common Mistakes for IT Small Businesses

IT businesses are seemingly always in demand as more people utilize newer and more complex technologies. Small IT businesses are essential for our society. However, there are several faux paus that seem to be common among many small IT businesses. The remedies below are designed to attract more customers or improve productivity in the office. If you are a Small IT business please try to see how you match with this list and see if the remedies prove beneficial for your workplace or for your bottom line.

  1. Cleanliness and organization- Most Small IT Businesses are working on several computers at a time. This quickly leads to a messy, unorganized environment. While every IT business knows this and tries to battle the inherent clutter that accumulates it is recommended that you maintain the electronics you’re working on to one side of the space as much as possible. Ensuring that it is not facing your main work desk, but rather adjust the desk or the electronic storage to the side of you at all times. Even if you keep your working projects in the back room, you should still try to consolidate the electronics to one side of the back room, NOT ALL OVER. Don’t forget you workstation is where you are to focus and be productive; nothing hinders productivity than a messy unorganized desk. Keep your Workstation clean and organized as often as possible.
  2. Energy Control – Electronics produce a massive amount of running energy that can, and will, suck the energy right out of you. Ensure that your primary workstation is NOT surrounded by wires and computers. Hence why we recommend the computers to be place on one side of the space, not all over. You want the energy contained to a side of the space so you can sit peacefully away from it. It is highly recommended that you place a Himalayan Salt Lamp between the electronics and your station. This helps cancel out the running energy floating in your space containing the negative ions away from your station. You will feel more energetic and focused because of this.
  3. Placement of Work Station – Most IT workers prefer a work station as close to the electronics as possible allowing easy access to the electronics and convenience to switch out one project to another. However much you may be tempted to do this, DON’T. Keep your workstation away from the electronics. Again, this protects you from the negative ions bombarding you on a constant basis, and also creates a space of focus and intent when you bring a project to your workstation. Lastly, ensure your back is not facing the electronics, but rather your back is facing a solid wall, this subconsciously gives your body the feeling of support and stability reducing stress and anxiety.
  4. Décor – Just because you are an IT based business doesn’t mean you are forbidden to have a fun, healthy, relaxing décor about the space. Pictures on the wall, clean comfortable sitting areas with side tables, and especially plants all work together to create an environment that the customers and the employees can enjoy. Imagine your own home, just because you only eat and sleep there doesn’t mean you should only have a kitchen and a bed. Decorate! Your customers and employees will appreciate the relaxed atmosphere as you accomplish one task after another.
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