Journey to Ireland, with fertility stone. Pregnancy 3 months later

I can’t believe my little guy is going to be 1 years old on the 16th…

This week, 2 years ago, I was in the most magical land that makes the soul just sing. It’s almost as if this land was made for your inner child. So much beauty, adventures and discovery to be had.

Pregnancy, for me, was about creating emotional and spiritual space for a baby to come. I had had a lot of trauma of w

anting to get pregnant; for one, I didn’t like how I felt with my first pregnancy. I didn’t want to be a bitchy woman or feel emotionally unstable (like unwanted tears that pop out of nowhere). Plus I loved my freedom of being a mom to one child and my son is now 11. I got married to my soulmate/ other half in 2013, and been happily married going on 5 years. I didn’t want to rush after we got married to have a baby, because I knew

that having a baby can put a lot of stress in a relationship especially if

 you haven’t gotten to know each other as persons in a marriage. I know being married doesn’t seem too hard but wh

en you’re combining two separate people to create a flow, it can be challenging and I would rather go through all that without having a child in the mix adding another layer  of stress. Jay and I decided we would wait a number of years before we decided to have children. We had so much fun getting to know each other. I can seriously say he is my best friend, and I completely enjoy hanging out with him as both his wife and friend. After giving us this time to have fun together in life, 3 years into our marriage we decided we should try to have a baby.

Now this seems to be easy right? But I had emotional blocks that was causing my body to not align to having a child. I had some deep emotional wounds concerning my son, I didn’t want him to feel rejected that I would be having another child, I alsodidn’t want to have another child and en

d up being a single mom again. I had fears of what if I change and my marriage suffers because of it. You get the pictures, lots of “what if’s” and the fears of the unknown. I expressed my fears to Jay and I worked with an acupuncturist that was amazing. I also did Reiki to help me heal whatever trauma I was holding in my Sacral Chakra, which is associated with creativity and fertility. I also had to do some forgiveness for myself and also my ex husband. Once I dealt with all that crap I felt my body was in alignment and whenever my body was ready I would be ready.

So returning back to this magical place called Ireland. I went on a trip with my beautiful mentor and spiritual sister, Amanda Collins. On my second day of the trip, during a “Mystical Journey around Ireland” retreat that Amanda was hosting, we leave Newgrange to visit a sacred site called the Hill of Tara where its said the middle stone is called “Stone of Destiny” where high kings were crowned, and a ceremony would be held there. On this land they have a graveyard with a church called Saint Patrick’s. In this graveyard they have a stone with “Goddess of Fertility’ engraved in an old Celtic looking font. Rumors state that whoever touches the stone will become pregnant.. I thought if it worked for my mentor it can work for me. Lol. So I decided to place my 3rd eye on the stone and… WOW! It felt like a vortex of energy moving around my body almost as if I was moving in a circle with the stone… it was super powerful. Through this whole trip around Ireland I did a lot of healing fears, and letting go, to heal my womb to make space for a little being to bless us with there presents.

Well 3 months later, on the morning of Christmas Eve of 2016 , we found out I was pregnant. It was so exciting we didn’t tell anyone until the evening time at dinner, it was an amazing surprise.

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  1. Linda Korpe
    Linda Korpe says:

    What an amazing experience , I suffered a lot of the same fears surrounding getting pregnant, will I be left alone to raise a baby on my own, since our dad left us isn’t this how it works for almost everyone ? All those messages were heavy on my heart . My 1st marriage lasted 8 years with zero pregnancies and fertility docs said that there were no physical reasons I shouldn’t get pregnant but just may never . It broke my heart to accept this for us. But something inside of me knew I’d never have a baby with this man. Step up to years later where I’m with my future hubby , I remember saying a prayer every Xmas morning to conceive . One early morning in that time between sleep and wakefulness a voice , not a dream said to me , or asked me “would you die for your child?” Immediately I said “yes” out loud where it woke me up and that was it . I was awake and a little freaked out.. a month or so later my hub to be said I was gaining weight . Well it was Feb and everyone is heavier after the holidays , but I went to buy the drugstore pregnancy test anyway, the first among many that day, and they all turned to “pregnant” witnin seconds of each test. Ok so I’m pregnant what now ? Haha finally I went to my obgyn to confirm and at the time I was 7 weeks 6 days and when I counted back to find out the date of conception it amazed me to know that we conceived on Xmas day (morning to be precise) and that brought tears to my eyes since it had been my Xmas prayer for so many years .
    I had the best and easiest pregnancies ever ever , not a second of morning sickness or swelling or high BP , not even a single stretch mark , it was amazing to me , the best birth and I felt truly blessed and that this was my miracle from above , just for me , for my child , our new little family 🙂
    Thank you for letting me share my story with you, I never have before so thank you 🙂

    • justine
      justine says:

      Wow! Thank you for sharing Linda, what a beautiful story. Its amazing how our own beliefs and trauma can stop us from having a baby, when you heal you make room for the magic you want in your life..

      Lots of love


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