Baby in his own room, before turning 1 !

Every moms excitement and anxiety… 

I decided a month and some weeks ago, it was time for Xander to have his own space outside my room.. It was time to reclaim my sexy space with my hubby.

Of course when I first start this processes I get super anxious because of the WHAT IF”SSSS that take over your mind, he might be scared, or need me, or if something happens and I can’t hear him etc….

I am only a door away from him RELAX! Deep breath….

So a week before my eldest son was getting ready to head back to San Diego for school, I thought it would be a great time for Xander to experience being in his room with his brother.. I wanted his first experience of being in his room, without being afraid because someone was there or he could sense someone was there, okay well to be honest it was more comfortable to know Erik was there to keep a ear out as a Just in case.. I had a comfort zone I would eventually need to transition out of.

So we set Feng Shui’d the boys room to support them as best as possible, and Xander slept amazing in his own space with his brother. It was so fabulous!! I call that a WIN

The first night of freedom was pretty amazing!

We forgot how much extra space we had in our bedroom and now we can talk and watch movies together in bed without the fear of waking up the baby.. I forgot how nice my room was. It was even hard to remember our bedroom without a baby in it..  

After Erik left to school, Xander has continued to take his naps and sleep in his own room with his night light and music for ambiance. Month has passed and it’s been really empowering for Xander to have his own space that reflects him being independent…

Now me and daddy can have even more time together to enjoy this world of parenting, one healthy boundary at a time..

Every child is different and trust yourself to know when is a good time for the both of you to start creating a space of healthy dependency within independence…Some children are easier than others depending on the circumstances, remember your child can feel what you are feeling so don’t rush into something until you feel ready. Never do it out of shame, guilt or trying to be a super mom. Trust yourself