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What does it mean when you have chipped dishes?

Do you have busted old dishes? Don’t worry so did I.

When you keep items that are not in good working order, you can create the energy to reflect lack. The kitchen represents abundance, how we nourish ourselves and our family. When it comes to plates they reflect how we nourish our bodies, and manage our wealth. Wealth and prosperity how it reflects in your home shares a story of your beliefs, experiences and thoughts when it comes to money and abundance. Because money is not just a paper object but a representation of the flow of money. It’s important to keep items in your kitchen in good working order.

Now as a perfectionist myself, I love to have everything just the way I’ve invision it, but it’s not always realistic due to life, budget, spending habits and your lifestyle. Having good plates in working order reflect back the small things in life that abundance takes apart in. A simple plate and how you treat your items tell a story about you.

For me replacing my plates actually took me a year, but I did it in steps.

I first physically took my plates and threw them out to create space for new prosperity to come my way. I went to the dollar store and bought some plates and bowls that were cheap but looked nice, I am not talking about plastic plates. This gave me space and time to shop for the plates I truly wanted and loved. After shopping around I found the plates that made my heart sing. “Calm down Justine, it’s just plates” But every month I would set money aside till I reach my goal of $60. In a matter of months I got my dishware set and I did it debt free without buyer’s remorse.

A Feng Shui tip I recommend, is not to purchase red or bright colorful plates. In psychology of color, the color red actually increase appetite that why fast food restaurants use this color in advertising and marketing to increase your appetite. If you’re on a diet, having red plates are not going to help you with your goals. My recommendations would be white or blue plates. White plates are neutral and normally go with all decor, you can always dress up white plates with color tablecloths, table mats etc. Blue plates help with taking our time eating and has a more smoothie effect.

Do you have items you are holding onto that are creating the energy of lack?

Show some love by commenting below! Tell us, how you make reflect abundance in your environment. Love to hear if these tools are helping you be more productive and inspired. We also offer decluttering services  to support you on your journey of taking back your space, to creating the life not by default but by design. If you ever have any questions please feel free to Contact Us, I love to answer your questions.

Sending you lots of love & blessing your way

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