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Top 9 Ways to Enhance Your Work Area to Promote Focus, Creativity & Metal Clarity

  1. Clear Clutter by setting 2 to 5 minutes aside at the end of your work day. Keeping your area clean and organized will help relieve stress and anxiety, to make room to focus on important task. Everything should have a place.  
  2. Playing music can soothe and increase productivity. I recommend Baroque music, studies have shown that it’s the best music for focus & productivity.
  3. Create Mini Vision Board as your desktop screen or in a 8×10 frame to hang. You want your goals, passion or something that motivates you, in your view constantly.
  4. Place a vase of flowers & plants on your desk, shelves or empty corners to enhance the air quality & mood.  
  5. Bring in a Himalayan salt lamps or Himalayan Salt plug in to reduce your exposure to Electromagnetic Field (EMF’s). Constant exposure to EMF’s can leave the body fatigue & stress.. Salt crystals release negative ions which helps the body release stress & anxiety.
  6. Consider desk placement; you want a supportive position. Place yourself with your back against the wall in view of your door.
  7. If you are in a cubicle & your back is exposed, place a decorative mirror in front of you to see what’s going on behind your back. Good desk placement helps the nervous system relax vs being on high alert.
  8. Place pictures of nature or ocean if your office has no windows and is dark. Nature pictures create the illusion of being outside, and makes the body & mind  happy and productive.
  9. Full spectrum lighting instead of fluorescent lights.   

What are some tools you use to Promote Focus, Creativity & Metal Clarity in your Office?

Show some love by commenting below! Tell us, how you create a productive space in your office. Love to hear if these tools are helping you be more productive and inspired. We also offer decluttering services  to support you on your journey of taking back your space. If you ever have any questions please feel free to Contact Us, I love to answer your questions.

Sending you lots of love & blessing your way


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