Journey to Ireland, with fertility stone. Pregnancy 3 months later

I can’t believe my little guy is going to be 1 years old on the 16th…

This week, 2 years ago, I was in the most magical land that makes the soul just sing. It’s almost as if this land was made for your inner child. So much beauty, adventures and discovery to be had.

Pregnancy, for me, was about creating emotional and spiritual space for a baby to come. I had had a lot of trauma of w

anting to get pregnant; for one, I didn’t like how I felt with my first pregnancy. I didn’t want to be a bitchy woman or feel emotionally unstable (like unwanted tears that pop out of nowhere). Plus I loved my freedom of being a mom to one child and my son is now 11. I got married to my soulmate/ other half in 2013, and been happily married going on 5 years. I didn’t want to rush after we got married to have a baby, because I knew

that having a baby can put a lot of stress in a relationship especially if

 you haven’t gotten to know each other as persons in a marriage. I know being married doesn’t seem too hard but wh

en you’re combining two separate people to create a flow, it can be challenging and I would rather go through all that without having a child in the mix adding another layer  of stress. Jay and I decided we would wait a number of years before we decided to have children. We had so much fun getting to know each other. I can seriously say he is my best friend, and I completely enjoy hanging out with him as both his wife and friend. After giving us this time to have fun together in life, 3 years into our marriage we decided we should try to have a baby.

Now this seems to be easy right? But I had emotional blocks that was causing my body to not align to having a child. I had some deep emotional wounds concerning my son, I didn’t want him to feel rejected that I would be having another child, I alsodidn’t want to have another child and en

d up being a single mom again. I had fears of what if I change and my marriage suffers because of it. You get the pictures, lots of “what if’s” and the fears of the unknown. I expressed my fears to Jay and I worked with an acupuncturist that was amazing. I also did Reiki to help me heal whatever trauma I was holding in my Sacral Chakra, which is associated with creativity and fertility. I also had to do some forgiveness for myself and also my ex husband. Once I dealt with all that crap I felt my body was in alignment and whenever my body was ready I would be ready.

So returning back to this magical place called Ireland. I went on a trip with my beautiful mentor and spiritual sister, Amanda Collins. On my second day of the trip, during a “Mystical Journey around Ireland” retreat that Amanda was hosting, we leave Newgrange to visit a sacred site called the Hill of Tara where its said the middle stone is called “Stone of Destiny” where high kings were crowned, and a ceremony would be held there. On this land they have a graveyard with a church called Saint Patrick’s. In this graveyard they have a stone with “Goddess of Fertility’ engraved in an old Celtic looking font. Rumors state that whoever touches the stone will become pregnant.. I thought if it worked for my mentor it can work for me. Lol. So I decided to place my 3rd eye on the stone and… WOW! It felt like a vortex of energy moving around my body almost as if I was moving in a circle with the stone… it was super powerful. Through this whole trip around Ireland I did a lot of healing fears, and letting go, to heal my womb to make space for a little being to bless us with there presents.

Well 3 months later, on the morning of Christmas Eve of 2016 , we found out I was pregnant. It was so exciting we didn’t tell anyone until the evening time at dinner, it was an amazing surprise.

Mystical Journey Around Ireland Day 2

It’s my second day in Ireland and I am just over the moon excited to see what I am going to be experiencing. I know coming here is going to be a spiritual and healing experience that was going to be profound, but i wasn’t sure how it was going to look, I was just open to anything coming my way and experiencing my vision: playing in the fields like a little child.

 Our first stop as a group was Newgrange; such a energetic and powerful site. The Megalithic Passage Tomb at Newgrange was built about 3200 BC. The kidney shaped mound covers an area of over one acre and is surrounded by 97 kerbstones, some of which are richly decorated with megalithic art. It was amazing to feel the energy of the land and to feel already so connected.

As we walked into this ancient site you can see carvings, groves from early people that use this temple for spiritual significance. It was really tight walking through the mini maze to make it to the center, but it was beautiful. As we got to the center the tour guide turned off all the lights so you could experience what it felt like to only have the natural light seap in through the entrance. Our group closed our eyes and held hands to really connect with this ancient space; sealed with a vibrational OM as it reverberated off the walls, it was so powerful I had had goose bumps all through my body.


Our time at Newgrange was coming to an end and it was time to walk back to the main entrance where our bus was located. It was about a 30 min walk and in the typical adventurist fashion a couple of us got lost and took the wrong turn. We had such a friendly local come to our rescue and drove a car full of women back to the museum, I have to say we made his day. Haha 🙂

While we were lost, and without realizing it, we happen to have our wonderful photographer friend with us, Monique, and we all took turns finding beautiful places to explore and take pictures. 





Day 1 Mystical Journey Around Ireland

I seriously can’t believe today is my one year anniversary from being in Ireland. It’s such a magical place, full of adventure, and where you can let you inner child play and run free… Which I did a lot of.

When I first arrived, I landed in Dublin. I was already so excited to experience what Ireland had to offer, I was excited to see all my wonderful friends from San Diego which I miss soooooo freakin much and of course to see my dear friend Amanda Collins that was hosting this retreat in her home land called “Mystical Journey Around Ireland.” I totally recommend this retreat.

First stop was the Guinness Brewery, I am not a big fan of beer but OMG!!! Their beer was so yummy, and me and my gfs Natalie and Olivia had ourselves a good time exploring the place. The Guinness Brewery had this amazing 360 degrees bar at the very top, you could see all of Dublin and probably further out. They had couches and a great seating area right on the windows for you to admire the view and enjoy your amazing beer. It was seriously breathtaking. We also took a class on how to properly pour our beer, so now we were certified pourers, lol!

After we got our fun in for the day, It was time to go meet up with the rest of the group of ladies. Our hotel was so adorable, I still can’t get over how small the elevators are in Europe it’s quite funny to me trying to crush myself and my luggage into it to get to my room. The hotel was very boutique and elegant; one of my favorite parts is that they offered Elderberry tincture which was really yummy. My room was beautiful, it had a beautiful view of the street, but because Ireland is so green it made the view so beautiful with a nice breeze coming into our room at night. 

The food was delicious!! We were a group of 15 people and made our way to a restaurant called the Bloom. Of course they were expecting us so we had no problems.

Day 1 of Ireland was really relaxing but nothing compares to what the next few days that were to come, looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

What is Life Design Coaching?

What is Life Design Coaching?

Life Design Coaching is a combination of Classical Feng Shui principles and Transformational Coaching. I bring these two philosophies to help you create your ideal state, or your desired state, you want your life to look, feel, taste, smell and hear. What is your ideal state/ present state? Your ideal state pretty much is what you are moving towards and your present state is what is currently going on. We will focus on that which you’re not too excited about, or frustrated with and not sure how to move forward or feel stuck, stagnant, unproductive or things aren’t going your way in your life. (This is usually an indicator something in your life is not energetically aligned or no longer working for you anymore and it’s time to shift your thinking, environment etc.)

But you have this vision of what you see yourself to be. Life design coaching is that bridge between your presents state (with the things that are no longer serving you) taking you on the journey in the direction of the life you desire – your future state.

What I do is help you identify what that bridge looks like, because at times we get caught up in our heads and we aren’t sure what direction is what and how to make things happen.

One of the ways I help you identify this bridge is by analyzing your home. Why your home? Well, your home is the eyes into your subconscious mind where thoughts, beliefs, values, trauma and life experiences reflect like a vision board blueprint. It’s also a view of things you are not consciously aware of that could be blocking you from your desires. Each area of your home represents a different aspect in your life, in what we call in Feng Shui the bagua map. The bagua map is divided into 9 areas split in the cardinal directions, but I will go into more detail of the bagua map in a later blog.

I analyze your home to what subconsciously you’re putting in your space and what objects you’re putting into your space that are holding you back. For example, from my experience first thing I would see is clutter. You will notice that your clutter would tend to gravitate to certain areas in your home. This is usually an indicator that there is some stuck energy there (emotional beliefs that is creating the clutter to gravitate to this area that needs to be address) or there is no existing definition and that space needs to be defined for you. For example, maybe you’re going through a transition phase in your life in your career but you’re not sure what is the next step or how to define the next path to your career. You’re in a career crisis, I would say let’s look at the North area of your home, the north area of your home in Feng Shui represents your career and life journey. Is that area of your home under remodel? Do you have a lot of clutter there? Maybe you have old boxes from your past you haven’t gone through yet. Maybe it’s your junk room. Or maybe that area is completely clean and organized and it looks wonderful but maybe it doesn’t reflect you anymore. So, what we would do together first is clear the clutter and go through every object in that space to make sure you love it and it inspires you… resonates with you and has the energy vibration that resembles what your new chapter you’re wanting to cultivate, to help bridge that gap of what no longer serves you and where your wanting to go. We look at the objects, artwork, colors, floor plan, how the space is set up, and begin creating affirmations. Why affirmations, that’s totally woo woo? Well affirmations are very powerful because it directs your mind to focus on what you desire. If you don’t have a focus goal of what you truly want it’s hard to hit that target you just end up shooting in the dark. Writing affirmations are a way to have a target and a visualize goals to aim towards versus wishing and hoping things will come your way and work out without any directions. Affirmations are also great reminders when you’re feeling down and frustrated what your goal is and the directions your heading. This is the gist of life design.

After we work with your space and have it reflect energetically your future state of being, your life will start to shift and change. How does this happen?

Well from an energy perspective your current state is vibrating at a certain frequency, let’s say a lower frequency, and your future state is vibrating at a way higher frequency than where you’re at right now to get to the ideal state you need to make some shifts and changes to match the frequency to get what you want.  So, what we do with your space moves the energy in your home to elevate you to match what your future state looks like. You are bridging that gap by addressing trauma, beliefs, and healing you’re doing self-reflection and paying attention to the different emotions and beliefs you don’t need to carry anymore.

We are constantly growing and changing as we experience life. We create new beliefs, new values and perspectives. We want your home and the spaces you spend the most time with to reflect that growth and change. If you haven’t changed or moved anything in your environment for years, and you have things in your space just to have them, not because they add any value to you, what you’re saying is you have No room for new opportunities and no space to welcome in anything in your life. Just get rid of all the crap in your space that doesn’t reflect you and what brings you joy.

While going on this journey of analyzing your home I use techniques from Transformational Coaching to address the emotional aspects that come up through this process to help you let go and help you see your potential and power within to create the life you desire and wish to create for yourself

This is what I like to call growth and a new found of awareness one of my favorite quotes from Rumi “Don’t worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come”